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Inspecting a residential property takes more than a clipboard and a checklist. It takes a commitment to spend the time and effort needed to do the job right. By it’s very nature, a pre-purchase home inspection is limited — there is only so much that can be determined by a strictly visual inspection. But years of experience can fill in many of the gaps, providing clues to what’s going on behind the scene.

Kahn Home Inspectors has seen it all. They know the outer signs of an inner problem. They also know when something that looks troubling really isn’t. Because the goal of the inspection is not to find everything that’s wrong with a property. It’s to help buyers and sellers determine the real value of the property.

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Certified INFRARED Rockland County Home Inspection company
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Dovber Kahn Certified Home Inspector, Rockland County Home Inspection company

Dov Ber Kahn
Lic# 16000053723
Lic# 24GI00182100

Conscientious, Meticulous.

Dov Ber Kahn is a licensed New York State home inspector, license # 16000053723, and CMI certified.  He has provided over a thousand quality inspections in Rockland County and beyond.

Home buyers, realtors and real estate managers have all come to trust Kahn for a thorough assessment of residential properties, multi-family dwellings and apartments.

Kahn caters to first time home buyers – walks them through the inspection process and provides free follow up telephone consultations to address their concerns.

As a property manager and 203k loan consultant Kahn has the knowledge to assist in pricing renovations and repairs.

Kahn holds various licenses and certifications allowing him to provide additional services without resourcing it out.

It’s one thing to learn all about home inspection. It’s another to be current on the latest techniques, equipment, and evolving building codes. DovBer Kahn is always continuing his education to keep abreast of the various changes in the home inspection industry.

Certified master Inspector Rockland County Home Inspection company


Our goal is to provide our client with the knowledge to make an educated home purchase.

Our inspection includes a visual inspection of the property and a complete narrative report with pictures and illustrations.

Components inspected include but are not limited to assessing conditions of:

SITE – grading, drainage, walkways, stoop, entry ways and retaining walls.

FOUNDATION – exterior and interior foundation walls and water intrusion.

ROOF – roof covering, flashing, drainage, attic ventilation, attic framing and insulation.

STRUCTURAL – framing, decks, siding and window conditions.

HEATING & AIR CONDITION – functionality of heating and cooling system

ELECTRICAL – service wiring, grounding, electrical panel, electrical outlets and switches.

PLUMBING – drain waste vent system, water heater, fuel source and sump pumps.

INTERIOR – rooms, walls, floors, ceiling, kitchen, fireplace and garage.



Our Infrared Inspection deploys high-quality digital infrared cameras to identify water leaks, electrical problems and energy loss issues.

Infrared helps inspectors to identify water-related issues (plumbing leaks, roof leaks, exterior water intrusion), electrical issues (overloaded circuits), and energy loss issues (insulation).

Certified Radon tester Rockland County Home Inspection company


Radon – a colorless, odorless gas is the cause of over 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year in the US.

We are licensed  Radon measurement technicians.


Rockland County Home Inspection

Radon Inspection Rockland County Home Inspection company


Asbestos was used in many building materials prior to 1980.

Inhaled asbestos can cause irreparable lung damage.

Demolishing and renovating an older structure require an asbestos inspection.

We are licensed by the Department of Labor as Asbestos Inspectors.

Mold Inspection Rockland County Home Inspection company


Mold is common in many homes, especially in areas with a high water table.

Does your home have mold? Can you prevent it?

We use Infrared and Moisture meters to determine areas of water and moisture intrusion.

We perform complete mold inspections which include: Air quality testing, surface testing and a written detailed report.


Mr. Kahn was excellent his ability to work around my schedule and was able to get my inspection done less then 24hrs after we first spoke. He was very professional and had all the right tools to be sure the inspection was thorough. A detailed report with photos was completed and in my possession in days. I Highly recommend Kahn Home Inspectors to anyone who needs the right person for the job!

- JS G


I've used Mr. Kahn multiple times over the last few years for different inspections. He's a super nice guy, very honest, and extremely knowledgeable. He knows everything that a potential buyer will need to look out for and informed me with all info in order for me to make an educated decision. He also knows a lot about mold situations and advised me as such. Would def recommend for others and use him again.

- Yisroel Mannes



The Crawl Bot can go where and see what the inspector cannot. This is just one of the tools we utilize to ensure we provide our clients the best inspection possible.

Our highly qualified inspector will perform a crawl space inspection to find and document any defects. After the inspection you will have a professional write up including multiple pictures to document the issues that were observed.

Put your mind at ease by putting our Crawl Space Robot service to the test before you buy your next property.



Homes in suburban areas may have a septic sewage system to breakdown household wastes.

Our septic dye test provides a basic indication of a leaky system.



In many areas water is supplied via private wells and pumps. Due to proximity to the surface, well water may be contaminated.

Depending on the regulation of the local county we can perform water testing to verify that the well water is healthy.

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Wood destroying insects can significantly damage the structural integrity of a home.

We provide a comprehensive wood destroying inspection (WDI).

SewerScan Certified Rockland County Home Inspection


A sewer scope is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line from the house to the city main or the septic tank. The purpose of a sewer scope is to discover and report defects that are visible in the lateral sewer line. A sewer scope can find root intrusion, cracks, punctures, corrosion, or misaligned pipe sections. The responsibility of the sewage line from the home to the sewer main is of the homeowner. Ascertaining the sewage line condition before purchasing a home can prevent expensive future repairs.


Rockland County Home Inspection

  • NYS Home Inspector Lic# 16000053723
  • NJ Home Inspector Lic# 24GI00182100
  • State of NJ – Radon measurement technician MET14039
  • Certified Mold Inspector IAC2
  • NYS Asbestos inspector Lic# 15-03328
  • NYS Mold assessor Lic# MA000526
  • Infrared Certified
  • Certified Master Inspector CMI


  • Graduate of Advanced Training Institute Garnerville NY.
  • Graduate of Institute for Pest Control Elmhurst NY Termite 7C
  • Graduate Upstate Training Group, Mold code# L-0083
  • Graduate Omega Environmental, Mold Training Institute
  • Graduate Quest Environmental, Asbestos Training Institute
  • Graduate Big Apple Occupational safety, Lead Training Institute
  • Training 40+ hours by ASHI and InterNachi veteran inspectors and Engineers.
  • National Radon Safety Board 13SS028