Chanukah is a common choice for the favorite holiday in Jewish households. However, family safety requires that you take special care when handling open flames and burning oil.

How To Fry the Latkes Safely

Most people prepare for fire safety, but may not spend as much time prepping for the frying process. These tips can help:

  • Do not fill the pot all the way up with oil.
  • Keep baking soda handy to put a potential fire out.
  • Turn pot handles inward so they do not hang over the side of the stove.
  • Pour remaining hot oil into an appropriate container for disposal.

How to Light the Menorah

Practicing basic fire tips helps keep your family safe, including your four-legged family members. These may include the following:

  • Wait for candles to die out or put them out before leaving the room.
  • Keep pets and children away from the candles.
  • Do not place lit candles on or near flammable material.

This holiday, make family safety a top priority. Keep your Chanukah celebrations memorable for all the right reasons.

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